Steve Watts Chairman, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Steve Watts Steve Watts, Cost Consultant, is a Partner at London-based alinea Consulting. He is an authority on the economics of tall buildings, having spent a professional career that is full of high-profile towers, including the HSBC headquarters at Canary Wharf, The Leadenhall Building, The Shard and curr..


Arch. Angel Zahariev Manager, A and A Architects

Arch. Angel Zahariev He graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG) in Sofia in 2003. In 2004, he graduated with honours in specialization at The Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam (..


eng. Veneta Novakova Chairman, Association of Facade Engineering

eng. Veneta Novakova Eng. Veneta Novakova graduated industrial and civil engineering at UACEG, Sofia. Since 1996 she has been working as a facade engineer. Since 2002 she works at Stilmet, and since 2004 she has been the head of the design department and the ETEM R&D Department at Stilmet. The department..


Arch. Manuela Belova representative of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Arch. Manuela Belova Manuela started her professional career after graduating from the Architecture High School in Paris, Bellevue, France, in 2011. Manuela then began working on various architectural projects in France, Belgium and Bulgaria (including the construction of the new headquarters of the Council of the Eu..


arch. Tsvetan Petrov Manager, Ivo Petrov Architects

arch. Tsvetan Petrov Architect Tsvetan Petrov graduated from the Architecture Faculty of University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in 2007. He specializes in L'ecole National Superieure d'Architecture de Bretagne in Rennes, France. In his own design practice he works in public and residential building..


Claus Tinnacher, MSc Head of Data Center Vertical Market Zone East, Siemens

Claus Tinnacher, MSc Claus Tinnacher graduated from the Graz University of Technology and the University of Aberdeen. In 2001 he joined Siemens, where he built up the facility management business in the federal states outside Vienna and Central Eastern Europe. Claus Tinnacher's experience is based on a wide range of ..


Ivan Chervenakov Director "Electrical equipment”, Tekra

Ivan Chervenakov From 1999 he is director of the Trade Office of TeleTek Ltd. in Sofia. From 2014- Director Direction Electrical Equipment in TeleTek Ltd. (renamed TEKRA Ltd.). Since 2016, he has established the Comelit brand on the Bulgarian market.

Georgi Vyanev Manager "Marketing and communications", The City Media Group

Georgi Vyanev Georgi Vyanev is part of the team of The City Media Group since 2018. He is born in 1993 in Sofia. He graduated his bachelor degree in Public Relations at the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski " in 2016, and this year he graduated his master's degree in "Advertising and Media&..


Ph. D. Eng. Krassimir Delov Chief Technologist, Baumit Bulgaria

Ph. D. Eng. Krassimir Delov Ph. D.  Eng. Krassimir Delov was born in 1962 in the town of Asenovgrad. He has graduated the German Language School in Pazardzhik and the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy specialty "Hydromeliorative Engineering". He defended his doctoral dissertation at th..


Eyal Tahor Designer

Eyal Tahor Eyal Tahor was born in Haifa, Israel. He arrived in Bulgaria in 1994 for work on an investment project in agriculture in the region of Pleven. Until then he lived in kibbutz and was responsible for agricultural activities. In 2000 he began his business as a restaurant owner and interior designer,..


Nikolay Todorov Editor-in-Chief of Buildings and Technologies, The City Media Group

Nikolay Todorov

Eng. Yavor Arsov Construction and Infrastructure Projects Manager, Orgachim representative of ACO Bulgaria

Eng. Yavor Arsov Eng. Yavor Arsov was born in 1981, graduated from the "Angel Kanchev" University of Sofia, as a mechanical engineer. In 2006, he became part of the team of the largest paint and coating manufacturer in Southeastern Europe, the Policolor-Orgachim Group, and in 2015 he became the Architec..


Velin Lechev Sales and Business Development Manager for Bulgaria of Novatel's partner - Calirom, Novatel

Velin Lechev Sales and Business Development Manager for Bulgaria of the partner of Novatel - Calirom. Pioneer and leader in the Hospitality Field in Romania, Calirom he continues the expansion in Bulgaria with his overall decision - Senso.  

Arch. Galin Vasilev X-Architect

Arch. Galin Vasilev Galin Vassilev graduated in Architecture at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy. As part of the Proarch team he manages the design of key projects such as Astera Hotel in Golden Sands resort, City Tower on Macedonia Square in Sofia. He has been a leading architect for ar..


Arch. Maria Davcheva and arch. Orlin Davchev Mio Design

Arch. Maria Davcheva and arch. Orlin Davchev Arch. Maria Davcheva is a researcher in the field of contemporary architecture, alternative models, sustainable development. Master of Architecture (1997), PhD (2003), Associate Professor (2014), Head of Architecture in the Institute for Architecture and Geodesy (Bulgarian Academy of Science) (20..


Pavel Marinikov Business Development Director, Veolia Bulgaria

Pavel Marinikov Mr. Marinikov is a Business Development Specialist with many years of experience in the field of Energy and Industry in Bulgaria, involved in the development and realization of various RES, TPP, NPP, oil and chemical and mining industry projects. Innovation and Markets Director of Veolia, with pr..


Arch. Gergana Milusheva Manager, Cityscape

Arch. Gergana Milusheva Arch. Gergana Milusheva graduated in Architecture at University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy. In 2003 she founded the studio for architecture and design - Cityscape.There are a number of projects related to the complete construction and reconstruction of residential, commercial ..


Arch. Kalin Trachev Stephen George International

Arch. Kalin Trachev

Ivan Lilov Manager "Database and analysis", The City Media Group

Ivan Lilov

arch. Nikolay Traykov Director of Design and Construction, America for Bulgaria Foundation

arch. Nikolay Traykov Nikolay Traykov is an architect and project manager with more than 10 years experience in projects focusing on public buildings, museums, buildings for education, arts, cultural heritage and urban environment. His professional experience includes drafting concepts, assignments, budgets, projects,..


Arch. Kalin Dikov Manager, Elite Studio, St. George International

Arch. Kalin Dikov

Arch. Ani Markova Ivo Petrov Architects, architectural designer of Britanica School

Arch. Ani Markova Arch. Anny Markova graduated from Architecture in 2001 at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Department of Urban Planning with the theme of the diploma thesis "The Western Direction of Sofia - Todor Alexandrov Boulevard. Between 2002 and 2005, she worked as a ..


Arch. Violetka Slavova and arch. Maria Staynova founders of Lusio architects

Arch. Violetka Slavova and arch. Maria Staynova Arch. Violetka Slavova and arch. Maria Stainova gether again in Bulgaria in 2015 after studying and working in Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. They founded the studio Lucio architects, thanks to the winning competition "Schools of the Future" of the America for Bulgaria Foundation and..


Mihael Yordanov Head of enterprice sales services strategic partnership & sales

Mihael Yordanov Michael Jordanov is a manager with more than 10 years of experience in high-tech companies and is currently the Head of Strategic Clients Division with a narrow specialization in ICT Services segment in the largest and leading telecommunication company in Bulgaria - vivacom. He has an internation..


arch. Radko Todorov RT Consult

arch. Radko Todorov Arch. Radko Todorov graduated in Architecture at UACEG-Sofia. In 2004, he founded RT Consult. The architectural company has proved itself with its experience in architectural design, interior design, spatial planning, consultancy, project management and management.

Yasen Yanakiev Area Sales Manager, HOVAL

Yasen Yanakiev

Eng. Dimitar Penev CEO of Saint-Gobain Construction Products Bulgaria, Divisions Rigips and Isover

Eng. Dimitar Penev

Eng.Tsvetoslav Petkov Chief Engineer, Geostroy, project manager American college

Eng.Tsvetoslav Petkov

Valentina Dimitrova Sales and Projects Director, PipeSystem

Valentina Dimitrova

Radoslava Radeva Property manager, Schneider Electric

Radoslava Radeva

Denitsa Kirkova CEO and founder of CRYSTAL SPA & WELLNESS, MBA in hospitality and spa management - Austrian university

Denitsa Kirkova

arch. Vladislav Dechev Stephen George International

arch. Vladislav Dechev Vladislav is part of the original team that formed SGI's office in Bulgaria in 2010. In 2015 he became director of the technical / design team of "International Architecture", in the office in Sofia. Currently he leads a group of young architects and is responsible for preliminary resea..


Christian Richter Segment Manager Data Center

Christian Richter After graduating from FH Braunschweig / Wolfenbüttel with engineering, Kam Christian Richter became coordinator of the project for building telecommunication sites across Germany. In 2011 he started working at Hoval AG Liechtenstein as a data center manager.

arch. Boycho Boychev VB studio

arch. Boycho Boychev

Mihaela Dimitrova marketing specialist, The City Media

Mihaela Dimitrova

arch. Aleksandar Kehayov Amfion

arch. Aleksandar Kehayov

arch. Stiliyan Stoev Amfion

arch. Stiliyan Stoev

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