Building Innovation Forum 2018

Building innovation forum 2018 will provide a platform for leading professionals in the design and implementation of large-scale building projects to share important trends and good practices in industry-relevant topics. The main accents * of the upcoming edition will be:

Tall buildings - principles, models and innovations

Outside the "Pros and Cons" mass talks, tall buildings like large-scale structures are a great challenge for professionals who are engaged in their design and construction. What are the architectural, constructive, engineering and technological features that must be taken into account in the realization of the tall buildings that are so up-to-date and capital-intensive as investment projects?

Building information modeling (BIM) - the process and digitization

Technological development provides rational capabilities to optimize risks and improve the performance of individual participants in the construction and investment process. The digitization of data, individual parts and components of projects, integration and easier exchange between departments is undoubtedly an effective response to the difficulties created by the traditional model of work. Is the industry building modeling ready and what are the challenges?

Schools - Concepts, Conversions and Good Practices

The modernization of educational infrastructure is a key process for any society with plans for growth and economic growth. What are the specifics of the specific educational buildings and how do they achieve maximum safety, functionality and efficiency?

Retail design - trends in the design of commercial buildings and sites

Changing lifestyle, shopping, consumer habits and attitudes, coupled with increased consumption, create a need for a totally new functionality, a new vision and a way of interacting between the customer and the business. What are the trends in design, exterior and interior design of retail outlets?

City and Holiday Hotels - New Projects and Technologies 2018
The global and local hotel business is in the process of dynamic development and market transformation. The way modern hotels look and function inside and outside, the quality of materials used, building solutions and technologies are key factors in combating market challenges and attracting and retaining the desired user group. What are the important aspects in the design and implementation of urban and holiday projects so that they are successful?

Datacenters: data storage and processing centers - principles and models

The specific functionality of this relatively new class of buildings and facilities requires an extremely comprehensive approach to the design and implementation of individual components and installations. The density of machines, servers and computers poses a serious challenge to building systems, in particular cooling systems, building management systems (bms) and safety systems. On the other hand, the dynamics of the IT industry requires flexibility and opportunities for future development and expansion that must be anticipated in the constructive project. What are the most important moments in the design and implementation of data centers, achieving maximum security and efficiency?


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